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Lower the Cost of Power for your Home

SunPower® panels deliver up to 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. Ask for SunPower.

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25-Year Complete Confidence Warranty

SunPower® stands behind your entire system - including product, power production and service. You can be confident that your SunPower system will produce more power than most other systems now and for many years to come.

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World Record Efficiency

SunPower® panels hold the industry's highest record for panel efficiency, currently at 22.8%. SunPower® panels also have the lowest degradation rates in the industry, guaranteeing 92% power by year 25.

Industry-Leading Battery Backup Options

Fully integrated solar and battery solution, designed to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. Customers can receive whole home backup, cost savings, and energy independence by producing and consuming their own energy while participating in grid services.
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Pay Nothing Upfront

Qualified customers can get started with $0 down.

Enjoy Predictable Monthly Payments

No interest rates, surprises or rate changes for the term of your agreement.

Get a Production Guarantee

If your system doesn't produce as expected, we reimburse you annually to make up for lost production.

Transfer with Ease

Selling your home? No problem - simply transfer your SunPower agreement to the new qualified owner.

Buyout or Prepay Options

Own your system outright or simply pay it off early - the option is always yours.

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SunPower Equinox System


Sunrun, Tesla (Conventional Systems)

Only all-in-one complete home solar system with all components designed to work together, allowing for better energy management
Built in integrated microinverters for individual panel production, enhancing the system’s overall efficiency, increases energy production, and improves safety
Highest efficient solar panel on the market (up to 22.8%) meaning they can convert more sunlight into electricity, which maximizes energy production even in limited space
60% fewer visible parts for sleek design (eliminates unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls)
Guaranteed peak power rating of 92% in year 25 (80% for conventional solar)
Higher performance in low-light conditions, such as cloudy days or shaded areas, ensuring consistent energy production.

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Lowers the Cost of Power for Your Home

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Solar and Partial Home Backup

Stay Powered During Utility Blackouts

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Solar and Full-Home Backup

Security With Ultimate Independence

Find out how much you can save with $0 down

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Not all solar is created equal. SunPower® panels deliver up to 60% more energy in the same space over 25 years than conventional panels. Ask for SunPower.

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