SunPower® Equinox System


Confidence starts with choosing the best technology

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Maxeon Cell Technology

SunPower's patented Maxeon® solar cells feature a unique design that minimizes energy loss and enhances durability. These cells are built on a solid copper foundation, making them resistant to corrosion and breakage.

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Integrated Microinverters

Each SunPower panel comes with an integrated micro-inverter that optimizes energy conversion and allows for superior performance monitoring. This integration ensures your system operates at peak efficiency under all conditions.

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Innovative Patented Technology

SunPower's innovative patented technology sets us apart in the solar industry. With over 1,000 patents, our proprietary designs and materials provide unparalleled efficiency and durability. SunPower's technology is proven to deliver superior performance and reliability, making us a leader in solar innovation.

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Do you know what's going on your roof?

The SunPower® Equinox® system is the only all-in-one, complete home solar system. With conventional solar systems, it’s hard to know what you’re getting. And while installers may tout that variety as a strength, it’s more like a warning sign. Inconsistent product strategy and standards is no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the end result.
Conventional Solar

Pitfalls of Conventional Systems

  • Each part is made and warranted by a different manufacturer (16+ possible manufacturers)
  • Each manufacturer’s warranty covers one component of the entire system, leaving you with at least 4 separate warranties (panel, inverter, racking, monitoring).
  • 2,500+ possible combinations
  • 4+ Pass through warranties
  • Complex or unproven configurations can lead to inconsistent performance and reliability
  • You pay to ship new panels
  • You must pay to replace panels damaged from rust
  • You pay to package and ship defective panels
  • You must present original physical proof of purchase
  • You must make claims in writing
  • You have a short time frame to make a claim
  • You pay the manufacturer a testing fee if they don’t find a defect
SunPower Equinox All in One System

SunPower® Equinox® System

  • SunPower Equinox® system + SunVault™ Storage is the only complete home solar system that is designed and warranted by one company to cover your whole system (not just the panels)
  • Simple and elegant design, proven in real world conditions
  • Provide repair or replacement at no additional cost; includes labor and shipping
  • Don’t require receipts, proof of purchase or written claims
  • Cover rust damage, such as in seaside installations
  • Treat the system as a whole
  • Record-breaking technology produces more power in less space with fewer visible parts for a minimalist design
  • Eliminates unnecessary hardware and utility boxes on exterior walls
  • Easily add energy storage to provide backup power during an outage and to help reduce peak-time charges

Industry-Leading Battery Storage Units

Backup Battery

Tesla Powerwall 3

Higher Energy Capacity to Increase Self-Consumption

The Powerwall 3 offers a substantial energy storage capacity, allowing homeowners to store more solar energy for use during nighttime or power outages. By storing excess solar energy, customers can reduce their reliance on the grid, leading to lower electricity bills and greater energy independence.

Seamless Backup & More Power During Outages

For most homes, you can receive whole-home backup to power your entire home during an outage and have energy independence by producing energy with solar. Supports to 20 kW DC of solar and providing 11.5 kW AC of continuous power per unit.

Fully integrated solar and battery system

Powerwall 3 can supply more power with a single unit and is designed for easy expansion to meet your present or future needs.. Designed for mass production, fast and efficient installations, easy system expansion, and simple connection to any electrical service.

Non-Backup Battery (Rate Saver)

Enphase 5P Storage

High Efficiency & Modular

The IQ Battery 5P offers industry-leading efficiency, ensuring optimal energy savings and a quicker return on investment. Its modular design allows easy scalability, enabling homeowners to add more batteries as their energy needs grow.

Time-of-Use (TOU) Optimization

The IQ Battery 5P can store energy during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower and use it during peak hours, maximizing savings under TOU rate structures.

Reduce Grid Dependency & Increase Self-Consumption

By storing excess solar energy, customers can reduce their reliance on the grid, leading to lower electricity bills and greater energy independence. This system allows homeowners to consume more of their own solar energy, reducing the amount of energy purchased from the utility at higher rates.

A Better Warranty Starts with a Better Product

Icon Sun Charging

25-Year Power Warranty

SunPower stands behind your entire system—including power production. That way you never have to wonder which company you can depend on. You can be confident that your SunPower® system will produce more than most other systems now and for many years to come.

Icon Panel Technology

25-Year Product Warranty

Coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials. SunPower® will repair, replace or refund any defective modules, microinverters, racking for 25 years.

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25-Year Service Warranty

SunPower® covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, while most conventional solar warranties don’t. Labor, shipping, parts – got your covered for 25 years.

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